Sunday, November 06, 2005


It was a horrible night. June 5 1986. The rain hadn't stopped all day but things still had to be done. Graham was really pissed off, he knew he was the one who was responsable for stealing the car. The brief was something fast but nothing flashy. Graham thought about pinching the skoda sport but really knew he would get laughed at. After waiting nearly an hour he caught sight of an Alfa romeo. he knew in an instant it fitted the bill. The trouble with breaking into a car like this, Graham thought, is getting into it when it is locked and starting it without the keys. Graham was noted for his logical thinking. It proved to be quite pertinant as Graham was arrested after smashing the window of the alfa romeo with a big huge brick and the bank robbery that it was supposed to be used in never took place. So the rest of the gang all went to the pub and got steaming drunk instead, unfortunately the pubs air conditioning was broken and the y all contracted Legionaires deseace and died.

Fortunately this has nothing to do with this story, it was just a teaser, as that is how I wish it had happened, except the bit about Legionares disease, that was my bit of artistic licence.
What really happened is explained below.

It was a gorgeous evening, June 5 1986. The sun hadn't stopped shinning all day and nothing need ed tobe done. Graham was exstatic, he knew he was not resbobsible for stealing a car. he did not have to pinch a fast non descript car, he even thought, tonight I don't want to pinch a skoda sport not even for a laugh. Just then Graham caught sight of an Alfa romeo and Graham thought to himself hmmm...............

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