Tuesday, May 09, 2006


So the bus arrives and I am like so ready to get on, and it stops and everything and this woman who was stood behind me gets on first, I dont mind as the bus stopped right near her but I am a bit peeved with the whole principle of it. Then she gets to the driver and asks "how much to town" I pay with a weekly pass so I try to flash it and brush past but the lady has got the drivers eye. So I wait with my ticket in hand as its rude just to walk on. Anyway the woman is asking how much to town and the driver says its £1.10, a normal person would have, while they were at the bus stop, maybe got out 2 quid or so in change and have it in their hand ready for getting on, not this woman, no no no.

Anyways the driver looks up and I walk on and sit down while this woman searches her bag for her purse. Now anyone who is not normal would at least have their purse to hand, but oh no no no not this bitch. her purse is right at the bottom of the bag, anyway she finds her purse and then says, how much, for fucks sake is this woman insane, the driver says £1.10 and the woman goes "right yeah", so she opens her purse and looks for her money, I can clearly see a fiver and gold coins possibly pound coins, but oh no she has too use her coppers, so she is paying out putting her money in the tray and I am going mad, she eventualy pays and makes her way to her seat and the bus just sits there for ten minutes while the driver trys to put all the shrapnell in the right compartments. Eventually we set off, and stop at every bus stop as its rush hour now. We even stop at the bus stop before I get off, where no one was getting on or off and the driver reads his paper for ten minutes, I originally think someone must be coming down the road, but no there is no one there, everybodys ears on the bus are steaming but no one says owt, they just sit there while the driver has a wank in the daily star, then just as I decide to ring the bell as I realise I could have walked to my stop twice over at least and because I am more pissed off with the driver than the stupid woman he sets off without even using the bus lane so I get stuck in normal traffic too.

So I am in the meeting with personel trying to explain why I am late and all I can say is that the bus can be a tad unreliable in the morning, when what I mean is its because of stupid cunts, but apparently that looks shit on an appraisal. Then again appraisals is another story.

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