Thursday, September 21, 2006

weev been boumed

It bagan with a walk. a veery shart walk.
That daaay, when the spellinling bro owke.
It wes supposad to be a sheduleeed out age
butt it larsted a lif time. A hole generashion lost all abileaty
to spell. Shake'a'spear wa signored aswad a hole genrashion ov teh grate riters.
english ad evolved. evan text speke ad gon.
Wen I got bak from me walk, kids cowld only wathe there fones ateach over.
they had last the able ity ta ethen rad numers.
twas licky i is a poet and diddd net get kawt in tha mayne burts ov nukler boomm.
so iv u need sum cleaver cloggs and shist soing and tthart cuntakt meeee and i whill elp ya, has tha nex genurashion need dare storyers toad.

are sosy-yetti now as an aural speakage vat we need to shaar §o iv dare is any1 helse out thare pleeees elp us till are storie.

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