Friday, October 27, 2006

Aborted Projects

John Box needs a rucksack

Terry and Juniper

Snacktime for Josie

Many a mickle makes a spaceman

Batmobiles and Bassoons a history

The Guinness book of world Cd's

The upside down philatelist

Fatal Embalmer

Shrub Equaliser

Sprig Sprogs Spring roll Show

Abbey hey zoo watch

Fireworks over Cleethorpes

A fistful of air bricks

Sparrow my aunt

Juicy mints hobby house

Railway dreams for pinky

Jelly Whiskey

A bigger room than I imagined

Chislehurst woodchippers chisel show

Brown brick hat veranda

Sky Pen and Bob Racket do Derby

Last of the supervalue wine

Coolio and Julio
Coolio and Julio Isglasias solve crimes with hip hop rhymes blunts and lovin'

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