Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sleep Peril

Got to get up,
I cant move.

I am paralysed, I am terrified. I shake and shake with all my might.

I finally awaken.
I am not awake though my mind was playing tricks.
I am still paralysed, I shake again with all my might, I think I am awake this time,
but my mind is playing tricks as I am also dreaming at the same time but not real dreams,
just a multitude of random thoughts, petrol stations, circus acts, a book I have never read, I try and read in my dream and it hurts my head and I want to go to sleep, but I am asleep, I cant move, I try to shake myself awake. It seems like hours are passing, I know it is only seconds.
I manage to finally awaken, and I am definitely awake now as I am sat up.
I am tired so I go back to sleep relieved it is all over, I relax.

I am paralysed again, I shake myself awake, I am caught again between the dreamworld and awakenness, I grab my mobile and shine its torch into my eye in a desperate attempt to keep me awake. I am up, I am definitely awake but I am still dreaming, I am imagining I am going to the loo, I am not of course and the light in my eye is annoying me.

I have to stay awake for an hour, I turn on the TV and focus on Nightwatch with Steve Scott and flick through to the late night quizzes, I am anxious but I eventually drift off, then the whole thing happens again, but I am a bit more wise to it, so I manage to wake up properly each time or at least I think I do, but really I am just repeating the same steps.

It's six am and I am not tired, work is in an hour and a half.

I toss and turn and finally get some sleep at about 6.30, my alarm goes off at 7.03 and I am fast asleep, tired and red eyed.

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