Saturday, June 03, 2006

My Big Gay Day

Watched last nights big brother in bed cheering when the sezer got booted out (gay number 1) followed by bitching about davina and russel brand both being (former) dirty smack abusers (Gay number 2)
Got out of bed and went for breakfast with my girlfriend not realising the football was on (gay number 3)
15.00 Went charity shopping bought its raining men by the weather girls on 7" (gay number 4)
16.00 Went to town to meet my ex housemate and her two girlfriends, got off the bus as i saw some devine chairs in a junk shop and just had to by them (gay number 5)
(my new chairs I got 3)

17.00 Got to town to drink tea with the three girls (gay number 6)

18.00 Went to big hands drank more tea and made excuses to leave as I wanted to watch Dr Who. (gay number 7 and 8)

20.20 Started writing a blog as I am staying in (gay number 9)

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