Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Right Oil companies, they cant be cuddly and they will always be unpopular so what do BP do. Yes that's right they have vox pops, with people saying stupid unthought out mental ramblings, there is one on at the moment where the woman says "if we can put a man on the moon..." Let me stop that sentence right there,
1/ Who the fuck are these people, are they real? are they actors? Well it does not matter as we all know they are cretins which probably means they are ordinary Joes as we are all that stupid, but most of us wont do it on the telly to sell oil. So if you get approached by a film crew here is what to do.
1. Do not start the sentence "if we can put a man on the moon..." all this means is you associate landing on the moon with the future, you have no real knowledge other than its that big silver thing in the sky. add anything to the end of that sentence and it will sound dull,
examples if we can put a man on the moon...surely we can invent a moth repelling lightbulb/spinny eye machine/crisps that do not crumble in the bag, actualy the last one should be possible, science bastards get on to it!

2. Talk for ages get it off your chest, but whatever happens do not give them permission to use it, telly is not special, they are just underpaid wannabes so taunt them they are all quite thick, be cleverer than them dont be a sheep and nevr give them your real name.

I am bored of this rant you should be too youre not stupid and yes I have realised the irony.

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