Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Poor Paul

Paul had never been an Eagle but today was his chance, he grasped the special vimto lolly that had been dropped in the secret bin pod by Mr Debenham the famous confectionery scientist.
Paul placed it under his arm and began to fly, fly like an eagle all the way to the very top of the trafford centre squaking at all the passers by with that Seal song in his head.
The passers by looked on bemused, I bet they are thinking "a bald eagle in trafford it must have escaped" thought Paul slightly worried that he was capable of such a thought with his small bird brain. The flight was strenuous though, and Paul had exerted himself so much that the lolly began to melt into his feathers and became all sticky, he tried to remove it and it was with a crash that he landed dead on the car park floor his flip flops still stuck to the ledge on a piece of discarded sticky vimto lolly.

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