Monday, July 31, 2006

My travel

I came to Australia yesterday, it was a right nightmare.
I had to get the plane at 7am so that meant setting off at 4am.

So I got the train to the airport and got to the terminal with a two hours to spare.
I checked my bags in and the woman, and if you are reading Alison Bourne, yes it is you, accused me of having a fake passport, yes like I can fake them, so I had to spend the next hour being asked all sorts of silly questions, they phoned my mum and two people from work it was a fucking disgrace. Anyway, thanks to that stupid woman and her crazy notion I nearly missed my flight and people I know got woken up with threatening phone calls so thank you Alison Bourne.

Anyway I touched down (is that what you say) about an hour ago and just had to get that off my chest.
The journey was fine the food a delight, qantas do nice fish if you want to know.
Right I am off need to get my flight to Cairns and I wont need a fucking passport.

Dont believe a word I say

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