Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The crazy crazy zany madcap bonkers world of Denise

Denise walks to church to greet her auntie who has gone to the service.
No one knew it but Denise had left the house without her purse.
Denise did not even know she had left the house without her purse, except maybe on a sub-concious level.
When she arrived at the church the service had not finished and it looked like rain.
So she nipped over the road to the local cafe and ordered a cup of tea. It was then that it dawned on Denise that she did not have her purse. She said to the woman behind the counter that she was terribly sorry but she had forgotten her purse, and could she cancel the tea.
The lady in the cafe said "no problem, can I cancel you" it was then that the lady threw the cup of tea she had already poured in Denise's face.
Poor Denise, she was lucky that their was already milk in the tea, otherwise she would have had to have some of her bum grafted to her face.
The sadness of this story was that just as Denise cancelled the Tea she felt a pound coin in her pocket which she had from the trolley in the supermarket from yesterday so could have afforded a nice up of tea and even splashed out on an iced finger

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