Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Ok, I just started to try and get my life back in order. I gave up smoking and the coughs are giving way to a kind of clarity of thought. It’s just a shame that these thought patterns are telling me many conflicting things, such as, I hate everyone, busses are good and wholesome, people have diseases and sometimes when you sit still in a city the sound is wonderful, like a movie soundtrack, rear window or something, try it, you will probably get mugged.

You see the problem, joy unharnessed as me and my fellow man walk hand in hand singing all the way to la la hippy land, I am loose daddy o, I am no uptight square then bang! Mr Cynacism strikes, realising that when me and my fellow man walk hand in hand, people might hit me for being a gayer and I might get a disease, does my fellow man wash his sweaty hands, and why the hell does he want to hold my hand is he secretly trying to get me to kiss him, my fellow man, that’s fine he is my brother and like eurgh that is incest.

It was the main reason I approached the people at Negaway, they say they can erase nagative thoughts from your character on a one week residential course. Putting away all thoughts that the negative thoughts may be a defensive mechanism and the fact that I need to stop shysters taking advantage of me to one side, I boarded the coach to Ashby de la Zouch. On checking in I was greeted by Ella Des Ripoffia the founder and course leader for this Negway course in easing away negatve feelings.
Below are my notes from the one day course.

9.00 am
We are in a circle of trust everyone introduces themselves and tells the group there Job, Colin IT Support, Jeff Green, Florist, Shona Ona Secretary and it comes to me, I am tempted to say Dave Banwick Drums and extra percussion, watching Spinal Tap the night before will not help me

9.30 am
Ella tells the group that goals are important, i look around the room pretending to look for a pass so I can score I must have been in a trance before she said goal look at me I am pathetic I think as I notice everyone paying full attention, I wonder if they are all day dreaming, I come o the conclusion barry is and I might talk to him at the coffee break, what time is that 10.30 fucking hell best concentrate dont want to drift off into a day dream, I look at Ella and realise I have been daydreaming and..............

cant be bothered finishing i tried to fuse two stories together, it aint working

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