Sunday, December 04, 2005


There is this man thinks he is cool goes by the name of xxx.
Can not really let you know who he is as he once fucked the pope,
with a rope. Well anyway cool guy walks in abr girls wet their nickers they are creamed ti the max and all guy can say is, I want to erm like be a painting, more nickers come his way, he says like I like Van Gough buy me some wine while you drink beer and who the fuck are you you dirty slag, I wrote you a poem, wanna fuck, on second thought lets go the toilets I have some charie, well its cheap speed i could snort it off your tits, i am just like so art you fucking monster bitch I love your cunt buy me some gin, i love you you know that song is about you. Now shut up you moody bitch can I stick my fingers down your pants, You let me you dirty hoar, do you have any charlie, i write poetry I am gonna cry dont tell the boys. Hey lads this dirty fucker will do anythink I snorted speed of her flaps and she sucked my cock when I said that song you wrote about yer mam was about her and she was dofferent. Where so we start, are you still here I just had a shit now fuck off you are in the gents I will get you barred. I got to smash that mirror where is my fucking gin who stole myt coke I am ganna smash this room in you pathetic pissants you do not know my torture fuck off I am smashing this room. Who are you bouncers fuck off I own this joint you stole my coke , Get the pigs I do not give a shit, They sold me coke they sold me coke diie die die. Why do I want to cry, i cant tell my real friends from the hangers on so I am gonna have to fuck you and shit my self and be vunreble it will give you a better feeling in the morning like i cared but i dont because tomorrow there is more coke and bigger tits now fuck off out of here before i forget my manners and do you up the arse and sniff all my coke the bus is leaving and you will know that i wrote that song about you, try again with th next shipment of feckless fuckers we all will die of the disease.

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