Sunday, March 25, 2007

Not one to say do you remember but..

I always have a vague memory of the boy who sold his laughter, everytime i mentioned it people looked blank. I used to think the theme was ace, and the story was off its tits and really badly dubbed and it used to make germany look very cool, green police cars, better sportswear and all that.

Well I used to occasionally google it and come up blank.
That is until my girlfriend started singing the little mouse with clogs on song, so as a treat I looked for the MP3 of the proper song, A windmill in old amsterdam by Ronnie Hilton.

Looking I stumbled accross this site

which not only had links to download this song on some kiddies song album, but also an extensive set of links to other cheesy kids music including the star wars christmas album feat a young Jon Bon Jovi singing with R2D2 and
the music to Timm Thaler, the boy who sold his laughter. Now normally I am disappointed by my memories, I could never afford the right clothes, my parents had no car, I was allways the sub and never the star player etc etc, but not this time, my memory remembered a good one and the music is as haunting and scary and mysteriously german as it was in my imagination.
ow to hunt down the dvd at the right price.
Yay! A Quest

Thursday, March 15, 2007

More 70's Throwbacks

70's throwbacks continue with this white dog shit I found on the pavement. Does anybody remember the 70's they had sweets like pacers and childrens tv etc. benny hill ha ha etc. they used to put ash in the dog food etc.....I am a bore and my brian is small.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Is it the full stops.
Is it the commas.
Well fuck you