Sunday, April 01, 2007

One man show

I will be performing my one man poetry show,
"say goodbye to the otters dean gaffney"
at the library theatre in november.
here is an excerpt...

The Otters, a photo hidden
The first the last my everything playing silently. Original
Tuff wine glass lamp.
Camera ear bud wallet council tax.
A cd A Cd a dvd
A rose
or at least a red flower with power from the floor.
I see with my laser goggle through sky.
I pods in case and shades of blue light.
and the letters of the alphabet half hidden from view.
Will the mouse eat them up.
Do you want two types of revenge
Or will the dust settle.

The End

Or, is it possible to stick your own head up your arse in the name of "art".

Or what does your computer look like?