Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Chuckle Brothers

Who was the first person to let them entertain children? He must have been a brave person.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Prejaracisfriendly adjective
Describing something that is quite true though may well be considered racist
in modern society.

EG My hands smell nice because the black guy in the toilet had a tea treee scrub.

Racist in the terms of what does it matter what race the man who had lotions is but Prejaracisfriendly as there was no mallice intended and the race was only highlighted to justify the observation in the same way you would say that a lot of fashion designer men are gay. EG I just bought some chanel pants designed by a queen but totally fasionistic.

Maybe its not justifiable but there must be a polite slant on highlighting a race without there ever being malice, just pointing out a prediliction

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Fancy going to a room full of people you do not like much, who all lie and are deluded and think they are better than you?
Do you drink too much try to get off with anyone who moves and then blame it on being a bit pissed?
Have you got slightly shit taste in music bad taste in clothes and believe that you have a lucky pair of underpants?
Are you paranoid and prone to irreverent pissed up rants about anything from the fact mini cabs do not use their radios anymore to the fact that the noises they use to dub out big brother when they are talking about anything good can't be live as their is a jumbo jet on the soundtrack and they do not fly over at night.

Well I can help you.

I am selling a wonder drug called suestitutto.

It makes you taller and seem really interesting, one of the side effects is it makes you intelligent, witty (not savagely) and an all round good egg, you can sing, write, read all to the rough equivalence of Steven Fry. You will find the banter in Frasier amusing and actually fundamentally understand why it is funny,
you will read more books and not just slosh thrillers but proper books like harry potter, just kidding I meant Shakespeare in the original French and Albert Camus in olde english.
You will also be able to play any musical instument and not just a guitar, you will be able to play cello, viola, kettle drum and bassoons and be able to write songs as great as the beatles and beethoven and in touch with youth and progression as much as the tweenys and rkelly combined

Want to take one of these pills?

Well fuck off you should have tried harder at school.

would be to watch or remember now it was

What was it?
I was in Japan and something happened?
I have never been, I was watching a film and I drifted off and I had this ace idea, I suppose the only answer would be to watch the film again, but I can't bear the samuri.
Thats right I remember now it was write a review or a snapshot of the film and see how I could quote myself as I like enigmatic quotes like the joy division one "just why or understand" which is lifted from a verse of She's lost control its not the whole line even but in abstract it makes you wonder of how it fits and when its in the whole line and even the verse " and she turned around and took me by the hand and said,I've lost control again.And how I'll never know just why or understand,She said I've lost control again " which is not uncommon, sometimes film titles from the 1950's can evoke the same whistful meloncholy a random pick this from imdb searching frank sinatra brings, Some Came Running,None but the brave,and Not as a stranger. That anyway is why I wrote this piece however if I can not find a title I will make one up that I wish I had shoehorned in earlier.

Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers today. Accident with glue. I only meant to stick our love. Ended up sticking my hands. Its not what you think there was a chance. To fix a hole in the side of my house. I pumped and pumped but could not release. Then a crack and explosion and gunk everywhere. I stuck my hands in the sink and swished them all around. I returned to the gun and the sticky stuff was setting. I tried to wipe but it was sticky and stretchy so i threw it away and grabed some wood and bonded something else. The moral is never pump when your end is unatended. As it can back fire and leave you with sticky fingers for the day.