Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The sickness of green spitty chesty infections

I have got the sickness of the green spitty chesty infections
and when I blow my nose hardy gloop want to come out of my eyes.
SO I try and remain chipper until I cough and the old man in my chest wants to shout
yeeeeurch. And then I spit green to my teeth till I wipe it with my tongue on tissue and watch to see if its sticky or drippy. I drink the benilyn it says non drowsy, must be shit where is the drowsy stuff? I can't dribber like grandad without proper drugs and when cough cough my brain rattles ow ow that is just headache from shaky head vibrations. So snog me all, snog me one and spread the green spitty chesty infections to all the men and women in this gobs vacinity share my pain, and I promise when the green turns white and goes away I will let you know how great it is to run and drink and not wheeze like mutley and laugh like sidney james yak yak yak yak!

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