Friday, October 14, 2005


Do not mis construe I am not a creative god, well perhaps I am what I am not is someone who can create by having an idea thinking of how to implement it and then hitting the world with it. I am creative in the sense of having an idea thinking it is brilliant and then executing it in the most shambolic way that you will never see the beauty behind it. Nothing wrong with either way to be honest as the only way uyou can gage this kind of success is by recocnition and who needs that? The fame hungry uncreatives thats who! So i do not quite know where I am going with this but if I did I would be they type of person i hate, freedom is not ever having to tie it down so the dumb fuckers might eventualy "get you" I hope you never do as if you are you miht live in my bedroom and freak me out. This and alll my blogs do not use a spellcheck what kind of polemic checks its self to see if it makes sense? The one wanting attention and an audience?

Went to a gig tonight Indigo Jones
and the excelent deadbeats.

Now cock off you munch monster mouthed twonk!

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