Friday, July 07, 2006


A techno procession of lights
wine poured straight from a grape
A future as told by electric bees
march as one to the pavillion of truth
harness his powers as he does battle
the battle of wits from....old globes.
Illuminated by candles of truth
formed by drunk bees, honey turning to solid wax
on and on and on and off again
the pilot lights of d-doom attack
but I am light I am the sunshine
at 4 am I burn your skin
it can't float in like that
there must be a beep or a wasp flight
yellow black like a hazzard
a jar being slapped with a metal stick
water fills the metal to produce art
and still you dance and dance.

Its time for tea, drink it up
lick the dew on my canvas
I paint late at night,
just enough to catch the breeze
and watch the moth the ugly butterfly.
put your shoes on and dont tie the laces
stick them in your socks and march
the cold cold night of a hot swimmer day.
a summer day
a saturday

Make a promise
it wont ever stop
we will be able to lie and look
look up look down
scream out stay proud
watch nothing say nothing and still be the same
we understand.

then we hear the buzz, its a new bee
off to see.....tomorrow.

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