Sunday, July 30, 2006

If only 74 knew 13 I would be on top but I resign

There is a silence. It is not golden. It's the silence when all the electricity has gone. Not saying that we were not spontanious. I mean it is the silence you only know is truly silent when everything around it is gone. That is where we are now and it can not go on. I only want to do good things and I know that can not happen all the time. I can't be bad,I can't perpetuate your lies or play things politically, I perform tasks, but I am a thinker a drifter an artist, trouble is there is not much call for them, unless you count all my friends, they are the same as me which makes us all so individual, only we have nothing to sell but the freedom of our souls and that is not for sale. So what do we do, do we drink and fuck and screw. No we bicker and worry and get depressed as everytime we touch those stars we remember these are our stars in our room and we have not seen the stars the other people see as we think we know where those are, so we never reach we just sit and look complacent and complicit in the destruction through snobbery of their system, which is our system only we failed it and changed the rules to avoid the truth.

Shall I start a band, that all my friends in bands will see. Shall i paint a picture that no one can buy, write a poem no one can understand, publish a magazine to get in for free or shall I admit I am in a clique.

I resign.
Jared Kington

Back to the point for this is it, I would rather this world I do understand and fail in, than experience the silence in yours.

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