Sunday, October 01, 2006

Thank you JD, I have grown emotionaly and I think I love you all lets all hug

Thank You JD

I like Scrubbs. Its funny, it dont give a shit. It is sureal and nasty, kooky and crazy, but why oh my lord why do I hate it so much. There is a simple answer, the program is about 25 minutes long and it is not scared of showing its characters as nasty self absorbed w@ankers, all that matters is the jokes keep coming even if it does involve the death of a nice character or incompetence by one of the leads, yes hooray well done America you get what is funny and you are brave enough to do it, thats what is funny etc.

You have probably twigged by now that something is wrong here, yes one of the funniest, even in its predictability, sitcoms of the last few years always ruins its self in the last five minutes. To the extent that my girlfriend has banned me from watching it as she says I always tutt and shout at the tv in the last 5 minutes and am then in a bad mood for ten minutes afterwards. Yes those sacharine family valued and moral messages about doin the right thing, straight from the huxtables in the cosby show, get slammed down my face and I want something i never wanted from the cosby show, I want all these charactres to die. A voiceover by JD while playing all the characters in slow motion realising the error of their ways and how to improve as people to a soundtrack by fiona apple is shit, shit, shit, and all i want for the last 5 minutes is for all the characters to realise the important things in life, like getting a suicide club together, buying a malfuntioning grenade to share at a party, walking under a ladder near the zoo after the monkeys have discarded their bananas on the floor whilst drunk on pernod or drowning in smug juice. Argghhhh! Just something to make them dead or shut up.

This is why the american version of the office is the best american sitcom on TV.

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