Sunday, October 01, 2006

Things that I think are the same but aren't

Just a quick list

The Theme to Superman and The Theme from Star Wars
(hum one then the other...its hard isn't it)
Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio
U2 and Coldplay
People with Downs Syndrome
Butlins and Pontins
Every Hollywood comedy film I have seen this year (not funny and cue the emotion its fix you by coldplay)
New Labour and Camerons Tory's
local news
the mail and the express
toilet rolls
tetleys tea and beer
double and king size
tunnocks tea cakes and tea cakes
a harp and a harpsichord
pat nevin and hue & cry
deaf and blind people
hamsters and guinea pigs
Philippa Forester and Sophie Aldred
Diet coke and coke zero
Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max (see above)
Phil Jupitus and Kevin Davies
Tie Rack and the sock shop
newcastle upon tyne and newcastle on lyme
betty boop and betty boo
Robbie from eastenders and tyrone from coronation street
ships and yaughts
rap and hip hop
hale and pace
newspapers weekend magazines
metal bands
porn and erotica
Scissor sisters and Leo Sayer
buses and coaches
poems and short stories
debit card and credit cards
pornography and art
pants and trousers
terrorism and war
add your own

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