Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hamburger and Chips

It was sometime in 1991, Altern 8 were playing a gig out of the back of a pick up truck in some dreary wintry late night car park near Stafford. A heavy scent of vicks vaporub was in the air cascading up my nostrils like an annoying hungry mint mouse had been let loose. Crouching down I could feel warmth, looking up I could feel only cold. I felt a tug on my braces, It was my friend Clarkey, he was off his face and disappeared an hour ago as he believed Nipper was DJing at the other side of the car park.
"Hamburger and Chips" he said holding up a signed photo of Dance Energy presenter Normski.
"what" I replied somewhat narkily as anyone who has tried to converse with the ripped to the tits can empathise with.

"Hamburger and Chips, Dance music man, Like I met Normski and I said to him, Dance music is like Hamburger and Chips, Its like British - chips and American - Hamburger and when you have them together its like Hamburger and Chips - or house music, like we are in Stafford listening to Chicago house from stoke, Hamburger and Chips, Normski flipped out man"

"Oh OK" I said "Dempsey and Makepeace"

"No man" replied Clarkey "you don't fucking understand me man"

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