Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Lies in your eyes

Its Tuesday at 9pm and I am already lying to you, it is really easy to do if you are as small as me.
You can sneak up on some people and the bigger the lie the more they will believe you as someone once said , it might have been Aldious Huxley but that could be a lie, you could check on the internet, but who is to say that lie has not been propagated and spread, so in essence there is no truth.

Historians will tell you of feverishly slaving away at the Library for hours on end to find the exact details of when McCadum first created Tarmac so the age of a road from Barnsley to Carlisle could be found out beyond reasonable doubt, yet if these very same researchers had searched google and come up with an answer they would have been sceptical.

In fact we live in glorious times, we know full well that any fact we know is not a fact, in fact, it allows us to be a little less dependant on the truth as we know that a book has as much doubt as it is written by one individual unlike the internet which is written by me or you and other people whom no matter how much they lie are generally to stupid that to make things up is beyond them, what is the point, why say that the colour mauve was invented in 1802 when it was invented in 1856 it is not worth your time, you are only going to lie to a few dye (sic) hard technologists, instead tell the big lie, the lie that everyone can believe, like Huxley did before his comedic/tragic death, being flattened to death while on safari by a herd of elephants, not before he had blasted enough to make a piano, so, I give you my fact:- Three quarters of the Earths air contains trace elements of sugar since a leak at a refinery in Philadelphia in 1973, this has lead to a 13 per cent increase in Diabetes among the earths population since that date, the refinery was closed down by the ATF following the leak and reopened by the parent conglomerate as a refinery which instead of producing sugar now produces 65 per cent of the earths insulin, together with a leading diet pill.
I bet you feel better now, when you told your boss that the bus crashed on the way to work and you had to help a man to the ambulance when in fact you overslept you were just following in the footsteps of the worlds great big fat liers?

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