Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Proof that Publishing Online Turns you into a twat

In the style of many comedians who desperately want to be serious musicians I give you reason why I am a pretentious twat, number 1 (what do you mean there are more on this site) A poem.

Such dreams are made of this.
A walk in a park.
Signs we cant see.
Its not romantic but it is as like as is
A journey not too short
not too soon
Of the mind and for the soul.
How can it be when the pools we dance in are urban, sub urban
and yet we dance merrilly not wallowing
tomorrow strikes us its not mundane but its here
here is my nirvana my soaring sea my glazial peak
thats because tomorrow is never with us today
and our future is tethered to this.
One day we will be free and we will see
We will see clearly the exotic and quixotic hand in hand.
It lives in hope and will never die
just maybe subside and burn bright and subside and burn bright again and again
thats why I run for you not with you
The trees the concrete
the path not seen
the path most walked
a route not a destination
to being a pretentious twat you would rather punch than shag


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