Monday, February 13, 2006


There is something odd, I listen to Abba and it pulls at something in my soul. It is not the music, that is fine and good and not so good, i think it is something in the songs, it suggests a time, a time just before I was aware of time, so every time I hear their songs I am dragged into this alternate abba world where I do not quite know how the rules work, punk or glam rock never do that, abba do and I don't know the words or how they were, or what was around them to influence them, the beatles belong to the sixties, yet I can justify their songs (apart from abbey road which has an abba factor too) and place them in a time a place and a moment even though I now nothing about it because I was not alive. So all in all. Abba make me cry, they make me feel like the leftover at the disco, the melancholic alcoholic looser who needs to smoke and walk up a mountain with the memory of tears pervading my very soul for the remainder of my life. And those very tears and despair make me love and feel zest as if their can be true emotional disturbance their can be joy, so reluctantly I put out my cigarette forget my sadness and dance and dance and dance on an empty dancefloor....there was something in the air that night.

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its true