Monday, February 20, 2006

This is the borin bit of a blog, the so called Diary

I mean like no one gives a shit but...
I moved house in July, away from Chorlton into a luxury (cheapest house I could find) terrace in Clayton. Not too bad for getting into town (10-20mins on the bus) but not too good for meeting creatives and buying olives!

Anyway I thought I had settled down quite nicely until earlier this weekend, when I realised I had not really unpacked any of my stuff or even set up my record player, which is partly because my house only has one two point plug socket in each room!

Infact all I had done was set up my computers and set up my freeview and couch. So it was with much botheration that yesterday morning I decided enough was enough and finally unpacked. Books and papers and artworks came out of boxes and went into wardrobes that were rather hastily finished (I started one on boxing day and it just lay unfinished in the middle of my bedroom untill Saturday) and put in nice positions, clothes were picked up and put on hangers, carpets were hoovered (after I finaly replaced the flex after the woman in the shop told me the complete wrong way of doing it grrr) socks were paired and undies were sniffed and placed in the washing or in my new "I am always gonna put my duds in this draw" draw, and finaly I set up my record player and I have spent the last 6 hours playing every single record I bought since July, including two by a band I had never even bothered to listen too I just knew they were good, 3x7" sets from new order, and an Eric Satie album from the charity shop.

Now all I need is someway of storing all my thousands of records and CDs that are currently in the front lounge in something better than plastic boxes and to do a little light work downstairs and I reckon I might invite people round, on second thoughts that might be a bit of a stretch, I mean it could do with painting first, and then there is that damp patch and the gutters, might just invite people round who know about damp and have some big ladders.

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