Saturday, November 26, 2005


Its never the start you wonder about.
the end is wear the mystery lies

this is the story of the middle

by being the middle its either the begining of the end or the end of the begining

thats confusion for you.

so i will start or rather i will middle

"fucking thing", said Angelique she seemed to be looking for spanners everywhere except in the bag where the hammers were, there was no telling where they were. The blue suit was ruined but we needed the car for the spring conference. there are only so many melons you an fit in a bag.
A bag of seemingly random monkeys. Its not the point really. Need a car or a bag which one ISA 400 wont bring out the colours in this light. It barked but not like a tree more like a great winged eagle or a smaller magpie.Is it a sin to love again.

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