Saturday, November 05, 2005


What blue thing is in your hand.
A pen. You look so respectable with it.
Go to school. You are not a child. You are a VIP.
Let me be free. Write me down some stories.
Invent a new kind of badger. Draw a mop like in the shop
with all the buckets outside. In Scotland or Wales.
The Biro, The Biro is blue. Can you make the story new.
Go to school little man go to school.

What black thing is in your hand.
A Marker pen. You look like banksy if I new his gaze.
Go to college. pretend its work. You are a child.
Insignificant. Lock me up. Crayon me your life down.
Murder some badgers. Draw a mop like a raffier blade
from your sock with the legs inside. In England and Ireland.
The marker pen the marker pen is black. Can you make the picture perminant.
Go to college big man go to college

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