Thursday, November 03, 2005

Someday Sometime Soon

Sometimes, it all seems so wrong
Sometimes, time takes so long
Sometimes, I think life is grand
Sometimes, I have the chance to dance

Sometimes I feel the air I breathe
Sometimes I smell the scent of love
Sometimes I float along the sea
Sometimes I have the chance to dance

Sometimes I am Peter Parker
Sometimes I am even darker
Sometimes I am Bruce Wayne
Sometimes I dance naked in the rain

Sometimes I ruin the moment
Sometimes I wear skirts and dresses
Sometimes I feel feel your moisture
Sometines I have the chance to dance.

Sometimes I want you
Sometimes I don't
Sometimes I wish so hard I forget to say hello
Sometimes I forget that I can dance

Someday I will say I love you
Someday I will really mean it
Someday I will be the perfect me
Someday I will take your hand, and listen to the very sound
Someday we will dance and dance and dance

Someday when rainbows grow
Someday when fireworks explode
Someday when you look into my eyes
Someday there will be one more glint
Someday Sometime Soon

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