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Old Diddy loves Pink

Diddy Loves Pink
jamjam23 2003

I have in my possesion a journal of a mission I undertook last summer. Its too long to type out verbatim It looks the whole of my day on 23/06/2002 from tedious meandering on my journey from manchester to scarbrough with each log timed. I set myself a misson. a couple of days earlier after constantly postponing a proposed project with a real artist (Emily Dennison) based around Diddy loves pink. The thing was we could not think of anything with substance. Simply photographing or trying to find out who wrote this piece of grafitti was not enough for me, I felt it meant more to me. So on the friday i made T shirts yellow on black emblazoned with the phrze "diddy loves pink" in bold black. I had a vague idea i wanted to take a photo of it on scarbrough beach surrounded by yellow beacons, i also wanted out of my house as I hate parties, there was one organised for the saturday evening. On the friday night up in my room I formulated a plan so i would act on this idea. It was to do with the thing i mentioned earlier and drink a cup of tea and eat fish and chips (a strike to feel more english?) at a restraunt with a sea view. I typd out a manifesto and printed two copies off. One to tell my flat mates what I was up to and one for me so i would not forget, i also left a book for my housemates or anyone at the party to log their comments about this endeavour. I then awoke early on the saturday packed my things and headed to the station.
When i arrived at Scarbrough i was strangely captivated not only by its strange beauty which i had not expected but by its proximity to the north sea. I did when i was a child live on the north sea coast in holland and it was strange to get these feelings as i might have chosen blackpool had the day been colder and my ambition smaller. Non the less i tried to supress these feelings overtaking me and instead made my way to a beach overrun with tourists so i could find my fish and chip restraunt. After a brief destraction of the arcades where i found a machine to make stickers of my t shirt and numorous ways to blow my money, and after countless strange looks. I found my restraunt drank my tea and ate my food the restraunt hadw a beautiful seaview and realised my afternoon had turned to early evening and i had still not placed my tshirt on the beach. I walked all the way to the opposite side of the coast to the point where the beach becomes slightly more rocky with little pools for catching crabs
set down my tshirt and beacons and snapped away. I felt strangly unstatisfied but completely justified. i packed up my stuff and headed for a nearby cafe and ordered another cup of tea, and watched the sea. It was then i knew why i had come to scarbrough it was to see my old friend the north sea which i had not swam in since i was 6. I made my way back to the beach placed my bag on the floor and proceeded to walk into the sea, I managed to get about 12 feet in until i realised my jeans were soaked upto my knees but i did not care, I thought i would walk further but iturned back to the coast and saw my bag about to be devoured by the incoming tide and decided it was time to catch the train. I arrived back in manchester some 4 hours later at 10.45 had a pint and headed home to a houseparty where no one had noticed my book just read my manifesto and thought Hmmm.

Hmmm. I had intended to type up the whole encounter the next day but time waits for no one and another half finished project sat on my floor. I then decided to box up the journals and send them away to an art pilanthropist together with a bottle of north sea I had collected, again its still on my floor, the sediment is at the bottom of the bottle, the tshirt has been worn once too often and i have began more projects but I wish to thank diddy for loving pink and showing me I love the north sea.

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