Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Film Pitch Pretentious 1

There was a party, unfortunately it starred me. It was not meant to.
This is why I am here right now, in this field, paralysed listening to
classical music that only I can hear, crying at the sky and its never ending beauty,
which makes me cry more, as when I see it through tears it reflects even more.
This was not meant to be me, I had fought no wars, seen no love been hurtful to no one but I am here feeling the gentle breeze along my face wondering when or if I will stand up again.
The memories of smiles seem a long time ago now, that last euphoric moment before, before what I don’t remember, I remember green but as I claw this grass with my hands I cant feel its colour, but I remember I am cold, thinking about it,
I don’t remember anything.
That up there, that is my cloud, the numilus cumulus one that’s fluffy and builds up high into the sky,
I think I will go there now, I am ready to be carried by it, It feels like the smell of love.

As a film

Read as a narration, see extra shot for dialogue music by ennio morricone the mission
Shots, these shots will be long and ponderous (and artsy complatative)
Man lying in grass from above
Possibly people dancing around him but only their feet
Close up on Eyes crying
Close up on hand with grass in it
Things blowing over body to symbolise wind
Clouds lots of them (preferably white fluffy ones)

Extra shot,
Ravers/paramedics rush to the body
“oh my god, oh my god”

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