Sunday, November 06, 2005

Film Pitches 2

English Pie.
Boy shags a hollands meat pie. His dad catches him as he returns from the pit.
His dad tells him all about the joys of sex and really embaresses him by saying
he did it with a wippet before he married his mum when he was 17.

At the school disco one of his best friend ends up shagging Stiflers mum who is a dinner lady who smells like gravy,
one of them eats a curry pie and can not stop shitting and one of them eats a hash pie and is like stoned and says wow a lot,
and on the way back home from the disco they bump into the wigan pie army and forced to have sex with the
pie army majorette who has a mimsy that, funily enough tastes like a meat and potatoe pie and like a fresh oven pie also leaves you with lesions in your mouth.
Like porkys but with pies and heart!
Family fun!

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